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When you choose StreetCred for your screen printing project, you’ll get top-notch work that supports a good cause. We have experience doing screen printing work for a large variety of fabrics and mediums, including t-shirts, koozies, aprons, hoodies, tote bags, and more. If you need something screen printed that isn’t mentioned on our website, contact our office and we’ll let you know if it can be done. To order products online, visit our shop page.

Our online store features multiple product lines with branded screen printed items that anyone in the general public can buy. See what’s available and find something you like!

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Flexible Services

Though screen printing is our number-one focus area, we also have access to doing embroidery and vinyl printing work if needed. Our creative staff is also able to do photo shoots, video editing, and more. As a nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of young adults through art and creativity, we train our production assistants to help with a large variety of creative tasks while they’re employed at the studio.


If you like the work we do, consider partnering with us! StreetCred can contracts companies that need screen printing work, photography, video editing, and more on an ongoing basis.

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